Music Typewriter Sign

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These wooden Typewriter Signs are painted white with messages printed in black and grey lettering.

Each one is keyholed for easy hanging and is 8" X 16".

"If music be the food of love, play on. We're all in the mood for a melody, and you've got us feeling alright. Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Sing the song you were born to sing. Music can change the world because it can change people. We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams. All it takes is one song to bring back a thousand memories. Sing with me. Sing for the years. Sing for the laughter. Sing for the tears. One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me. The earth has music for those who listen. Music expresses that which cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent. I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Music is the prayer the heart sings. There may be trouble ahead, but while there's music and moonlight and love and romance, let's face the music and dance."