Thank you for considering Abacus as a venue for your work. For over thirty-five years we have been honored to represent new and established jewelers and craftspeople. Due to the volume of submissions we receive per year, we have put together these guidelines in order to facilitate the process:
PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to set appointments to review your work in person, and we are unable to respond to each submission personally.
Send information to our e-mail address:

•    The subject line must read: SUBMISSION followed by the medium you work in to avoid being marked as junk.
•    Include 3-6 clear photos of your work, in JPG format, sized appropriately for onscreen viewing. Message size should not exceed 1 MB. Larger emails may not come through our mail at all.
•    Links to your website are also acceptable and encouraged, but please include your background information in the body of your email.
•    Please do not add us to your email newsletter lists after submitting your work.

If you do not have email capacity you may send photos, catalogs, or a cd showing your work to:

36 Main Street
Freeport, ME 04032

PLEASE NOTE: Do not send anything you wish to have returned. We are unable to keep up with the return of items.

•    We like to know background information about your work such as:
•    How you heard about Abacus
•    If you are currently selling in Maine, where and for how long
•    The wholesale cost of your work and any minimum orders or specific ordering needs
•    Best ways and times to contact you if necessary

Because submissions are handled privately follow up emails or calls to our store locations will not be useful to you. You will hear from us if we are interested in ordering or have further questions about your work. It is impossible for us to talk to each artist. Please understand that we are not able to carry all of the items we like. Rejections don’t always mean we are not impressed by what you are doing.

Thank you again for thinking of Abacus.
We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.