Wall Words

Founded by Paul Smotrys, a self-taught artist, he started showing his sculptures in Philadelphia in his early twenties. "I've always been fascinated by the opposing properties of metal. For example, hard/soft, sharp/smooth, immediate/laborious."

He met Mie back in 1985, together they started making jewelry. They showed their collection at wholesale shows, Paul made a sign in aluminum to display in the booth. After being asked repeatably to sell their studio logo letters, they decided to make and sell them!

That was the beginning of designing and making of metal objects in monograms, letters, numbers and words. It always has been important to make every item by hand. The products are so clean and simple, the quality had to be superb and it needed to have that individual look that only handmade items would have. 

Paul Smotrys is truly a pioneer in personalization industry in metal wire and sheets. They now sell all over the world to discerning stores and customers, but still manages to hand craft every item in the studio, beginning to end.