Clocks & Bookends

While there are many products on the market that look vintage or seem like something you might find at an antique shop or old-timey garage, they’re often something very different. Many are made with plastics, low-quality metals and embellishments to give their goods a vintage appearance. It might look good, but once you finally get it in your hands, you can feel the difference between craftsman details and something you purchased that was mass produced.

First, the artists put their ideas to paper, sketching out several iterations of a viable product until we come up with something they'd like to make a prototype of. Then, they move on to choosing the materials; featuring materials like wood, high-grade aluminum, solid brass, nickel, glass, iron, and steel in the products (none of that cheap plastic). They use these high-quality materials because that’s what they were made of 50 years ago, and the artists hope products last another fifty. Next, comes actually crafting the product; the casting, polishing, finishing and assembly is all done by hand; With products you can feel the level of craftsmanship when you touch it, you can feel the integrity in its weight.

We hope you enjoy browsing these timeless designs and ultimately owning the products. May they bring you as much joy as they do to us.